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Remarkable Theatre Workshops


Need a kick start or a fresh approach to your theatre practice? Not getting the roles you think you should? Our weekend workshop with Bryan Aitken is perfect for all actors.

A well-known Director and Tutor from The Court Theatre, Christchurch, Bryan taught at WAAPA in Western Australia, NASDA in Christchurch, and The College of Education. An original company member of The Court Theatre, Bryan acted, directed and wrote there for forty years.

Bryan has developed a series of workshops to assist new, developing, or experienced thespians in a non-confrontational way, building on individual’s need to extend themselves. Bryan will be assisted by the insightful David Chambers, ex-Director of Drama at Christ’s College.

This weekend workshop will focus on empowering the practitioner – whether you’re an Actor or Director, or both! Actors need to find ways of delving into text and unearthing undercurrents in the storyline. Similarly, Directors need to discover how to work with actors creatively, inventively, and not try to dictate their performance, turning them into mere ‘puppets’.


Together we will work on:

Day One: Weight of Words. Finding Rhythms. Use of Pause. Inner Action-Outer Action.

Day Two: Determine Genre/Style. Playing Comedy/Drama. Strengthen Focus. Using Status. Afternoons: Directors will start to work with the actors, under the mentorship of Bryan & David. NB. While attending one day is possible, both days is desirable as the workshop is cumulative.

When: Sat 18 June - Sun 19 June 2022, 10am - 5pm both days
Where: Wakatipu Senior Citizens, 10 Memorial St - Level 1, Queenstown
Bring: Notepad, Pen, Pencil, Highlighter, Comfy Clothes, Water, Amiability
Weekend Cost: $60 for members $80 for non-members (both days)
One-Day Cost: $50 for members | $70 for non-members (one day)

Please pay into 02 0948 0362161 00 with name and workshop reference
Inclusions: 12 hours class time, lunch and snacks provided
Numbers: Limited to 20 people, aged 16 and over

Past Workshops

Physical Theatre with Red Leap Theatre - May

Actors Playbook with John Godge - April 2019

Lighting Workshop with Jacqui Ennis Feb 2017

Directing with Jonathon Henry Nov 2017

Shakespeare Acting with Angela Newell and Tori Keating - Oct 2015

Audition Workshop with John Godge - June 2015

How to write a play with Roger Hall - April 2015
Red Leap Theatre.jpg

"Thank you again for the workshops today. Had absolutely lovely, enjoyable, inspiring and special time. I hadn't even realised how much I've been missing acting!"



"I have really enjoyed the 3 workshops I have been to so far this year (how to write a play, acting and auditioning). I have been wanting to do theatre workshops for years and will definitely do my utmost to attend the Shakespeare one!"


"Thanks for such a fabulous day.  I really enjoyed myself and it was completely inspirational."

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Did you know Remarkable Theatre also run monthly get togethers? Last Tuesday each month. Check out Facebook for details.

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