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'Pint-Sized Plays' are live short-format theatre performed in pubs or small venues featuring a small cast, and using minimal set, props and tech support. Plays are selected for performance by a judging panel.​ The live audiences then vote for their preferred script, with the winner being announced on the final night.

Thanks to those who entered the 2023/24 competition - entries are now closed.
How much drama can a pub handle?

Pint–Sized Plays is your opportunity to show just how imaginative and original you can be. If it can be performed in a pub, with 1– 3 actors using a minimum number of props, you could be the 'New Zealand Pint- Sized Play’ champion. If it is funny - If it is sad - If it is original – it could be a winner.


Each year before November 30, we seek original scripts that demonstrate that your local can be a fine place to soak up a bit of culture as well as beer. Plays that are capable of being performed in a pub, lasting up to 10 minutes. The most interesting, funny, surprising, dramatic or outrageous plays are being sought to entertain and delight Queenstown audiences.

When writing, you will need to bear in mind that your play will be performed in a pub, using the tables and chairs, props and space readily available in a bar, or easily carried on by the performers.

All entries will be judged on their originality and entertainment value by a panel and shortlisted to a maximum of ten. These ten plays will be performed in front of a live audience, who will then decide the supreme winner. The winner will receive the highly coveted and esteemed pint pot.

Begun in Tenby, Wales in 2008, Pint-sized plays has quickly become established as a premier international competition for short plays. Now Remarkable Theatre, Queenstown has launched Pint-Sized Plays NZ To encourage new writing and introduce a new audience to the entertainment of live theatre. Performances have been throughout the district in Cromwell, Wanaka, Arrowtown and Queenstown.

Entry conditions
1. Entries are limited to three plays per playwright. Original plays are preferred but not compulsory.
2. The play should require no more than 3 actors - any more than this and the play will not be judged.
3. The play should using a minimal number of basic staging and props on a stage approx 2m x 3. 
4. The play should be between 10-15 minutes long. Plays longer than 15 minutes are not recommended.
5. Judging is done anonymously by title - scripts should not include any playwright names or contact details.

6. Entrants must complete one digital entry form per script


For further information email

Thanks to those who entered the 2023/24 competition - entries are now closed.

Playwrights who haven't yet submitted the entry official form, can do so via this link.

Information Pack:

Links to Plays:



The overall winners were:

  • 1st Place: I Used to be the Pretty One - Lindsey Brown, Auckland, NZ

  • 2nd Place: The Interview - Sheree Veysey, Auckland, NZ

  • 3rd Place: The High Priestess and the Fool - Elle Bell, Auckland, NZ

The writers of the other finalist plays were:

  • New Tricks - Helen Fletcher, Wellington, NZ

  • Ding! - Aun Sukijjakhamin, Auckland, NZ

  • Five-Fingered Discount - Lindsey Brown, Auckland, NZ

  • There's a But - Kay Williams, Reefton, NZ

  • Fit for a King - Rex McGregor, Auckland, NZ


  • The Camembert - Tim Hambleton, Christchurch, NZ - 1st Place

  • Out of the Woods - Marion Low, Cromwell, NZ - 2nd Place

  • Lost Property - Doc Watson, Bath, UK -  3rd Place

2022: View the Bannockburn Hall video playlist

  • Out of Time - Phena Byrne, Queenstown, NZ - 1st Place

  • Namaste - Lindsey Brown, Auckland, NZ - 2nd Place

  • Parent Teacher Interviews - Lindsey Brown, Auckland, NZ - 3rd Place

2021: View the Sherwood video playlist or Yonder video playlist

  • Unreasonable Situations - Lindsey Brown, Auckland, NZ - 1st Place

  • Mrs Jansen Isn’t Here Now - Steven Korbar, US - 2nd Place

  • Baptism by Fire - Tamsin Pinder, UK - Equal 3rd

  • From Scratch - Richard Layton, UK - Equal 3rd


Delayed due to COVID-19 circumstances.


  • Fabio the Great - Elspeth Tilley, Wellington NZ - 1st Place

  • The Group - Phena Byrne, Queenstown, NZ - 2nd Place

  • A Beer with Dad - Myles Lind, Auckland, NZ - 3rd Place

Not held this year



  • Conceited Council Consents - Myles Lind, Queenstown, NZ -  1st Place

  • Waiting to Go - Elspeth Tilley - 2nd Place

  • Inquisition by Richard Harris - Equal 3rd

  • Haier by Melanie Grindell, NZ - Equal 3rd



  • Storm in a Champagne Flute - Trevor Suthers, UK -  1st Place

  • On Cue - Phena Byrne, Queenstown - 2nd Place

  • The Police Interview - Tim Hambleton, Dunedin, NZ- 3rd Place



  • The Epiphany - David MacGregor, Michigan -  1st Place

  • Speed your Love - Jo Blick, Wellington - 2nd Place

  • The Turnaround - David Vazdauskas, Maine, USA - 3rd Place



  • Fagbutt in the Fishbowl  - Derek Webb, Wales -  1st Place

  • Towards the Perpetuation of the Human Species  - David MacGregor, USA - 2nd Place

  • Doing it Birdy Style - Stuart Crafton, USA - Equal 3rd

  • The Flat Pack Toaster  - Barbara Glass, Queenstown, NZ - Equal 3rd


2013 - Inaugural event

  • Dinosaur - Mike Legge, Queenstown - 1st Place

  • HOWZAT - David Cantwell, Queenstown - 2nd Place

  • The Visionaries - Barbara Glass, Queenstown - 3rd Place



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