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Remarkable Theatre is a community theatre group based in Queenstown. We aim to promote performing arts throughout the region and encourage the development of acting and performance skills within the community.

Annual Productions
Currently, we have three shows on our annual calendar:


Our promenade theatre shows take place in late January / early February in the Queenstown Gardens. Eight performances are spread across the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).


Our Pint-Sized Plays bring the top 8-10 entries in a short play-writing competition to life in a pub-style setting over 3-4 nights and the audience gets to vote for the winning script.


Our major show is held every year in Spring, with auditions taking place in June. The shows vary from comedy to drama each year and are performed across nine nights.

Stage Craft Sessions

For 2023 and beyond, we hold Stage Craft Sessions every two months, ranging from weekend workshops, to one day training, to evening gatherings to improve our skills. To find out more about these sessions, sign up to our monthly newsletter or follow us on Facebook

Remarkable Theatre Incorporated is a registered charity established in 2009. It evolved from an entity previously known as Queenstown Shakespeare, originally established in 2000. We are grateful for grants, donations and support to enable the committee to produce quality theatre.


President: Chris MacKenzie | 027 471 7786

V. President:
Melanie Grindell

Secretary: Sophie Kennedy

Treasurer: Mairi Raby | 027 546 5739


Jane Robertson

Dean Swain
Paula Cauduro

Vanessa Williams


The 2024 committee at the June AGM:

Dean Swain, Melanie Grindell, Paula Cauduro, Chris Mackenzie 

Front Row: Vanessa Willams, Jane Robertson, Mairi Raby, Sophie Kennedy

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